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  • So so day….

    I am still sad about my father-in-law who passed away on Nov 6th, 2017. Funny, I never ever imagine that I will miss him but I do. Three weeks that he stayed with us, it was blessing and also a nightmare. He tried so hard to remember my name and Saranya’s name. He was like […]

  • Hot weather…

    It is going to be hot today! 100f is predicted!!! Ran at 5:15am and the temperature was 72 already but the good thing was it was not humid! I did 3.63 miles. My right leg, below knee is sore especially the muscle. I guess it might be from the shoes getting old. I think either […]

  • Good run but still sleepy..

    I woke up 4am to do some good medium run but ended up short 3.33 miles good run. I am happy but mam! still sleepy. Zzzz

  • Smooth run…

    Run went well. I did 5.4 miles. Wanted to go farther but decided not to since I had to be ready for school. I am thinking of running short or the same distance tomorrow. I was pretty tired today. It might be the weather. The weather was cold and cloudy.

  • Great run!!!

    My run went great today. After a pit stop at Ralph’s, I was good to go! I had lots of sugar and carbs the night before my long run 13.18 miles. I don’t know I should try on my next long run….:D

  • Long run suck!

    This is not my 1st long run after almost a month of not running a lot, this is my 2nd weekend and still felt so hard to finish. I was struggling most of my run. I cursed! I signed a lot! Frustrating long run but I did 12.34 miles! I am planning to add more […]

  • Sluggish run….Saturday

    I was so tired and sleepy Saturday, (7/23/16) that I kept thinking of stop running but 25% percent of my brain kept remaining me that it will be okay, just keep going. And I did! 11.63miles! It was so hot and humid and on the top of that, my legs were tried. I am glad […]

  • So so run…

    I was planning to skip Friday run but not running for 2 days was killing me. I had to ran this morning. So, I did 3.5 miles at my neighborhood park. Tomorrow, planning to do either Trail or street run. It is 104 F today. I hate hot weather!!!

  • Good run…

    It was hard to wake up this morning. Wanted to sleep in but decided I should just wake up otherwise I will be keep waking up every 5 minutes till I regret not going for a run. When I started running, I felt little twitch on my right groin muscle. Funny is, it has been […]

  • Mid week long run….

    I decided to do long run today. Usually, I save long runs on weekends. I ran 10.86 miles. It was very humid this morning. I was sweating a lot even my husband was surprised. He knows that I don’t do long runs during the weekdays and I don’t sweat at all. 😀

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