So so day….

I am still sad about my father-in-law who passed away on Nov 6th, 2017. Funny, I never ever imagine that I will miss him but I do. Three weeks that he stayed with us, it was blessing and also a nightmare. He tried so hard to remember my name and Saranya’s name. He was like a child. He behaved like a child, stubborn. He was a child and Tim was an adult when they were talking. Tim did so much for his dad. He was so good with his dad. Tim explained so nicely to his dad every time his dad had a question. He loved pumpkin pie. He loved Vanilla ice cream. He forgot everything except those two.

I had SPARK training today. It is a training for how to teach students move all the time at school during PE period. It had good games and I enjoyed it. The part that made me feel inferior is that I think me and Lourdes are Campus Supervisor nd PE specialist. It did not feel right. We are CS not PE specialist. SPARK program wants a lot from us. Plan PE for a month, test kids, grade their performance etc. We do not have time to do that and they do not pay us enough to do that. Sucks. If we have to use SPARK program on our PE curriculum then, we need to have more time, more pay and most of all, we don’t work as campus supervisor.