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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

I am having fun saving money every month. I usually set a budget of how much I like to save each month after estimated expenses. This month I go for $1500. Looks like after I paid myself, I will save almost $1500. I hate my business. I think it is not really a business, it is the place and people who are in charge of that place. Everytime I get a letter, my stress level goes up. Well, business sucks too especially this month! I really hate when I can’t pay myself.
My baby is growing a lot now. Today, I bought her 3 books and VHS. I am going to read books for her tonight if she is in good mood.
My husband is stressing on his job. He is the only one who knows how to work on the project now. He does everything from A-Z. I think he should get paid 6 digits figure 🙂
We are happy that housing prices are going down, little bit. Hopefully it will go down a lot. But right now, I am having fun Saving Money! 🙂

Learning Process..

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Saranya has been learning how to put toys in her mouth, singing :), talking, rolling. She really start grabing and pulling toys towards her now. She already grabs her toes and pull towards her :).
September 28th is our 10th anniversary! I don’t know what are we doing but it will nice to be out of LA for awhile with the family. Funny, Tim was asking me my finger size. He might thinking of getting me a ring 🙂 🙂 :). My finger size is, I forget! Is it 3 and 1/4? Size 4 is big.


Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

I talk with my friend Grace everyother day about our babies and how we are surviving with motherhood. Her baby girl is a month and half older than Saranya. So, usually, I ask her what her daughter, Jeda, did when she was Saranya’s age. It’s fun. I don’t really except Saranya to do the same stuff that Jeda did but it is nice to know. Every childs are different. Found out that Jeda start doing rolling when she was three and half months old. Saranya is doing half way roll and she became 4 months yesterday, Sept. 19th. Saranya start laughing, not just smiling, when she was 3 months and Jeda start doing now, 5 1/2 months! Right now what my baby does or likes is: Holding her upside down, she loves it. She seems very proud down there. She laughs a lot when I kiss her on neck and make noises. She likes to sit in BabyBjorn, finally. I put her face forward. She loves taking bath. I bumped her head 3 times while giving her a bath 🙁 but she is okay. She is changing everyday. Sometimes I think that I am very lucky to be with her instead of working at Encino 🙂


Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

I met and saw so many moms and babies today. Me and my friend went to Fashion square mall at riverside today. I was so thrilled to see them. It was so nice to talk the same language with them. You get advise, tips from other moms. Hearing their stories makes you feel that you are not the only one who is going through nightmares, stress and tiredness. I met this friend little more than a month through my old friend. Her name is Grace and she is Thai. We got pregnant at the same time. She had her baby a month and half before mine. When we first met, we just connected. We have the same problems, going through the same stress Cabin Fever and both tired. Now, we make once a week to see each other with our babies. Last time, we went to baby store and today to the mall. I love this day. Funny thing I notice is that when I am happy or feel happy, everything goes well. Business does good, baby sleeps a lot or smile a lot, husband seems more cheerful or good looking 🙂 No wonder people tell you, think Positive!


Friday, September 1st, 2006

I should wrote down everyday about what,where, which, how, why…my daughter did such and such if I were a new mom but I have not done these things. Does it make me bad mom or unexcited mom? I hope not. Well, this thing happened two days ago around 4:30 am when Saranya woke up fussy. I fed and change her diaper. I felt asleep, all of sudden I felt poking on my thigh twice. I opened my eyes and looked at Saranya. She was smiling at me. She pocked me with her foot to get my attention! I was so impressed. I didn’t know that babies are so smart! She is just 3 months old and I was expecting anything like this. I realize now when mothers used to tell me that they love to be with their babies instead of going to work or hiring a babysitter because they will miss all these neat stuff babies do!
Being a mom is not easy job. It is t iring, stressful but at the same time fun when your baby does funny things or make funny noise and facial expressions. I hope I will have more fun everyday with Saranya!