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Saturday, July 29th, 2006

I am still juggling motherhood, work and run. For past two months, I had to find out how am I going to make time for running and making jewelry. Now, Saranya sleeps between 8-9:30pm, I can make jewelry (if I am not tired) and in the morining she sleeps through 6 or 7am. This gives me time to run. I have been trying to do long runs but so far ran 3 miles. I still feel little bit pain on the groin muscle. I do not know what is the deal with this muslce.
I want to make more jewelry but have not had time to make except 1-2 ear-rings in 2-3 days. I want to sell business if it works out. I am tire of not enough time for motherhood and the business. Thinking of taking couple years off from business but who knows, I might find new business to start!