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So many things..

Monday, April 10th, 2006

So many things going on for couple of months. Tim’s dad was in and out from the hospital. Looks like everytme he develops some new kind of problems and doctors at West Hills Hospital can’t figure it out. It was frustrating for him and his mom.
My dad started building a house from February when the political situation in Nepal started getting worse. Curfew, press ban, Demonstration etc. The construction is going so slow right now. I feel sorry for dad.
My sister is getting married this weekend. Shocked and surprised.
I am 34 weeks pregnant now (since march 7th). I stopped working from this Staturday. Start feeling really tired and not as active as before. Tummy getting big, hard to bent. Yesterday, I felt baby’s hiccups. It was so neat!
Business is going bad. This month is worse so far. I have been praying for better business from today.
I have to go and rest now!