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Cool Running :: Thurs 27th Oct runs

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

After Tuesday’s nasty morning sickness, I felt better today. I went running at 5 am and did 5 miles (45 min, slow pace). Last night I had large meal. My tummy was not feeling good. I needed that run.
On Monday night, Tim brought cake from his workplace. The cake was there since Oct 18th. So it was 5-6 days old. I had quite a big piece eventhough it was rich chocolate cake (chocolate is not my favourite), had 2 pieces of Pizza. I think all these combination, on tuesday I had tummy problem, and morning sickness. Two together was worse thing ever happened to me. I will give up cake and pizza from now on. The good thing is that I don’t crave these food.

Cool Running

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

I have been running few miles now. It was drizzling when I went to run this morning. I loved it. I was little bit afraid of catching cold. When I was running I realized that before I got Pregnant, I had to run 6-10 miles. Now, I run for me and the baby and I don’t think about 6-10 miles. If I ran 3 miles,I would be happy. Other reason is because of my muslce too. I don’t like to be injured again.

Start Running again!

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

After a long period (2 months) of muscle injury, I start running from yesterday 10/18/05 (Tim’s birthday). I did slow run for 4 miles. I was afraid to get injure again but luckliy did not happen. My joy, beyond the limit!

Action Against Hunger – Innovative Programs in the Fight Against Hunger

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

I have been reading about earthquake in Pakistan, kashmire and its desasterous effects. I feel very sorry for those poor poeple. I wish I would be there to help them. All my life I like to help these kind of people either voluntering or donating cash or food or clothes. I has been my dream since I was a kid and will love to do that if I have a chance. When Tunami happened in south Asia and south east asia, Tim and I donated $100 to UNICEF. I like this organization because it helps Children in Nepal.
Lately I have been frustrated about my work, tired of doing nothing advanterous, I have been thinking a lot about helping Nepali family who were victims of Maoist and Army brutality. 12,000 people killed during 9 years of finghting between Army and Maoist. Most of them were just innocent, hardworking, poor people. I feel sad becasue these people did not deserve to die from these tyranny. I hope I will able to help my people in the future.
I read a website about Action Against Hunger organization. I like what they do. They help 40 contries but not Nepal. I guess they think that there aren’t many hungry Nepali compare to people of Africa, Combodia ect. Anyway, I will donate some cash and I hope this will help those people who need food, blankets.

Cool Running :: How has running changed your life?

Saturday, October 15th, 2005

I was reading about how running change people’s life. The same answers were, lost weight, more focused, high self confidence etc. These are all true in my case too. After running I feel so good. More energetic and felt like I accomplised big thing. After shower, I feel so relax.
I have been waiting to run for almost 2 months. I injured my muscle (Upper butt, I think big one) 2 months ago. Now, I feel that my muscle is getting better. I feel slightly pain on the spot, rather say Tired muslce. I jogged 3 miles on the beach yesterday. Very slow becasue I do not wish to make it worse. Today, so far felt little bit uncomfortalbe. I am hoping to run 3 miles tomorrow on the street. I hardly wait to recover fully and do long runs.

Made me think Seriously..

Friday, October 14th, 2005

I got the bad news from this leasing guy yesterday, 13th Oct. The place that I have been telling him since February to open another Kisosk, he already gave it to this person who already has 5 kiosks. What an ass hole! I told him that he keep giving this guy the oppurtunity to have all the placea then how we, new vendors can show our products to the market. I was not angry but I was very sad and dissapointed. I did all my best. He knows my products and I even told him that I will put fashion jewelry (that’s what he wants) on the kiosk. As soon as he said about that guy who is going to put fashion jewelry and also he is going to have other kiosk close by each other, I knew who he was, Mario (that’s what people call him, ugle guy, saw him 2 times). I was angry with him and can’t understand why he keeps getting all the new locations. There might be something going on inbetween these two guys.
Since this happened, I wanted to quit this business, I felt like loser, felt my products are not good enough. I got to the point when I start thinking seriously about starting other business like Franchise business. This will be my goal for couple of years because it will definately takes time. It’s not revenge but I like to show this guy that I can do better.

I am pregnant!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

I went to Doctor’s office yesterday and found out that I am officially pregnant. Tim and I knew it but we wanted to make sure. We are excited. We know that our life will be changed after the baby arrives.
My muscle is getting much better. I could not wait to run. I ran this morning. I felt okay except muscle got little bit tired. Now, I am taking rest. I am sure for next week,I am able to do short running. I am thinking of running during my pregnancy. Exceiting!


Sunday, October 9th, 2005

I had acupunture yesterday, 8th 2005. My muscle got so worse that I decided to do acupunture. Never done this before, I was worried about the doctor might put the neddle on the wrong spot. I had no choice. Either live with the pain or try acupuncture and feel what will happen. So I tried. The doctor put some oil and massage my butt and back. Later he put neddles. I felt small pinches here and there. Afterword he put electric shock through each needle. I felt my muscle start moving. It was very strange experience. I think he left it like that for 10 min. He told me that the next day the pain will go away. Well, I can sit and get up with no pain but still I can’t bent and reach forword. I took short 12 min walking and the muscle start getting hurt. Very frustrating. I can wait 1 more month. Hopefully the muscle will be fully recovered and I know what to do after that!

Getting worse!

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

My muslce injury is getting worse day by day. I bent to pick up my bag, and OUCH! it hurt so bad. One point I could not walk. So painful. I don’t know what happened to my muscle. More I rest, more it hurts. It makes me mentally tired and frustrated whole day.

Still hurting…

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

My morning sickness feels like getting better. Not completely though. I still feel sick in my tommy sometimes. It used to be every morning. My muslce is not doing good. Think about it, biking might have escalated the injury. It hurts when I bent or sit in certain position. I am being very good so far. Little bit frustrated but have to look for brighter future. I can’t wait to start running!