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Hot Sunday!

Monday, August 29th, 2005

Weekend went very nicely. Whole day on Saturday, I was making jewelry. Got tired in the evening. Sunday was very nice. Tee Tee and Julie came to my cart. Went to see mum and dad. Had dinner with John and his girlfriend, Jenny. Nice girl. Went to Rob’s place and stay there for almost 2 hours (9pm till 11:00 pm). Surpirised that I stayed up that late. It was fun talking with Jen and Rob about their Honeymoon. I really had a good time.

What a Wedding!

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

My youngest brother-in-law got married on Saturday, August 20th, 2005! The wedding took place at White Horse Inn, three rivers, 3 hrs driving from our place (west Los Angles). The place was beautiful, outdoor, lots of trees, flowers and a small waterfall. I heard that California black bear comes at night and take shower at the small pond. Good for him since the place gets so hot!
I am so proud of Jennifer, my new sister-in-law. She did all the arrangment (little help from mom). This is what I want to say to her:
I am so happy that you are my sister-in-law. You became Burke family member, so did I 9 years ago. Sorry that I was not very helpful during your wedding arrangment. I feel really bad about it. Couldn’t attend your bridal shower either. I think mom is giving you another bridal shower here. I am excited to be there. Hopefully in the future we will get to know each other a lot and maintain a good relationship.
You look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day and the wedding gown was killer. Good taste!

Something for my brother-in-law:
Hard to believe that you are a married man now. I am really proud that you are a Very (I have little bit doubt but…)mature and start taking big resposibilities (Hummmm……What the heck!).

Home alone on Friday night..

Friday, August 5th, 2005

Tim went to his brother’s bachelor party. When I got married almost 9 years ago, I had no idea of bridal shower, bachelor party etc. Mine wedding was small and very simple. Just friends and family, around 50 people and mom told me that we didn’t spent more than $500. The next day of wedding, I went to work. I had no idea of Honeymoon either. I really had very simple and naive life. If I got married today, i would prefer small and simple wedding and don’t care about Honeymoon! I still love my husband a lot. The good thing is that after 10 years, our love is still strong!