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Another Wedding..

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

Went up northern California for one of our friend’s wedding. It was simple and nice. Seeing all friends is always nice. Driving was kinda painful especially when we were completely stopped for 1 and 1/2 hour.
My borther -in-law is getting married in August and again, drive up north. I heard the place is beautiful. I am so eager to see it.
I am so happy that we have been selling the jewelry we made. I got lots of beads and other stuff yesterday. It took me almost 4 hrs to go to 5 places! I stood or walking all the time. Gotta make more jewelry. The good thing is that I will open the new cart at Marina Del Rey shopping plaza in November. I am very excited and nervous too.

After a long time..

Sunday, July 10th, 2005

I kinda feel guilty of not writting on my blog. So, here I start writting again to calm my mind.
I celebrated my birthday on June 29th. I can’t believe that I am 3 ?_ years old! I still feel that I am way too young. Funny thing is that sometiimes I see women of my age and makes me think “Man, these women look old and I look like a kid infront of them!” It is true!
Tim asked what I want for my birthday. Well, I thought for a while. I don’t want any clothes, I don’t want any shoes or sandals, bags. No diamond or any other jewelry. Did I mention that I hate shopping. Believe me it is true. Most people don’t believe me especially women. Sorry! And all of a sudden I made a wish which was I want Tim to start running with me. He agreed and now he runs with me. It was his 4th day and he was already doing progress now. Iam very proud of him. I am glad that he knows it.
I have been running long runs these days. Just feels good. Ran 8 miles this morning. Right leg got tired. I don’t like it but a day rest will do it.